Call to Caucus to Nominate Democratic Candidates

City of Lynchburg Clerk of Circuit Court

November 5, 2019, General Election

Call. Pursuant to the Democratic Party Plan of Virginia (“the Party Plan”), the Lynchburg Democratic Committee (“the Committee”) hereby calls an Assembled Caucus on May 8, 2019 at 7:00PM in Room 306 of the Miller Neighborhood Center, for the sole purpose of choosing a Democratic nominee for the November 5, 2019 General Election for the office of Clerk of Circuit Court in the City of Lynchburg.

Candidate Requirements. Each person seeking to become the Democratic nominee for the General Election shall file a Declaration of Candidacy Form with a filing fee of $100. The filing fee shall be made payable to the Lynchburg Democratic Committee. Only those candidates who have timely and properly filed a Declaration of Candidacy Form and paid the filing fee by May 1, 2019 will have their names placed on the nomination ballot. Each candidate for nomination must meet all applicable requirements of state law, the Party Plan, and the Caucus Rules. Each form must bear the original signature of the candidate.

Caucus Rules, Forms, and Information.  The Lynchburg Democratic Committee shall provide notice of this caucus by placement of a notice of the caucus, including the date, time, and location, along with the Call to Caucus, on the Democratic Party of Virginia and the Lynchburg Democratic Committee websites; by email notification to the members of the Lynchburg Democratic Committee; through a press release provided to newspapers of general circulation in the City of Lynchburg; and through other reasonable means that will disseminate information about the caucus to registered voters in Lynchburg.  In addition, reasonable actions shall be taken to promote participation in the Caucus in accordance with the Affirmative Actions provisions of the Party Plan of the DPVA. Any changes to the Caucus (including possible cancellation) will also be disseminated through the aforementioned channels.

General Participation Requirements. Every Democrat who is a registered voter in the City of Lynchburg is urged to attend and to participate. No participant in the Caucus may intend to support any candidate who is opposed to the Democratic nominee in that General Election.  Participants will be required to sign a written declaration form in exchange for their nomination ballot. There is no fee for voters to participate in the Caucus

Voting Opportunities.   Participants in the Caucus may vote only in person and at the designated time and location: 7:00PM on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 in the Room 306 of the Miller Neighborhood Center, 301 Grove St, Lynchburg, VA 24501.  The doors to the caucus will open at 6:30PM and will close at 7:00PM and no further persons will be permitted to enter. Those in line will be permitted to complete the check-in process and will be permitted to participate.  The Chair of the Lynchburg Democratic Committee, or his or her designee, shall be the Temporary Chair of the Caucus and shall appoint a Temporary Secretary and such other Officers of the Caucus as is deemed appropriate. The Nominating Committee will prepare Temporary Rules for the Caucus.  Participants will adopt permanent Rules for the Caucus.

Determination of Nominee.  If more than one candidate files to be the Democratic nominee by the deadline, the candidates will be listed alphabetically on the ballot.  The nominations will be elected by a majority of the votes of the assembled caucus. All filing fees less the cost of the Caucus will be refundable to the candidate committee for the candidate securing the Democratic nomination.  

If no person files properly to be a candidate for the Democratic nomination by the deadline, the Lynchburg Democratic Committee may cancel the caucus.  If there is no filed candidate or if the properly nominated candidate withdraws or dies, or if the caucus is unable or does not occur in the times and dates specified, the Lynchburg Democratic Committee Chair may, before June 11, 2019, at an agreed upon date and time, convene the Democratic Nominating Committee to consider nomination of a qualified candidate who may become the Democratic nominee upon first filing with the Chair a Declaration of Candidate form and paying the filing fee for such office.

For questions about the Caucus, to request any accommodation necessary to ensure full participation, or to file a Declaration of Candidacy, please contact Katie Webb Cyphert, Chair of the Lynchburg Democratic Committee, at  Candidates wishing to file must mail their Declaration of Candidacy and filing fee to the Lynchburg Democratic Committee, P.O. Box 1363, Lynchburg, VA 24505 in sufficient time to meet the deadline of 5:00 p.m. on May 1, 2019. (Postmark does not apply.)

Adopted:__April 16, 2019___________(date)

Signed:__Katie Webb Cyphert______(Chair)

Authorized and paid for by the Lynchburg Democratic Committee,

not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.