Dear Lynchburg Area Citizens,

The past year brought both successes and challenges to the Lynchburg Democratic Committee. We were thrilled to endorse candidates in the May municipal elections, helping to elect two new Lynchburg City Council members. We assisted caucus groups for both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as they fought the primary battle and we cheered as Senator Tim Kaine was selected as the Vice Presidential Nominee. We helped to keep Virginia blue in November but the sting of national defeat did not stop us as we transitioned right into the January Special Election. Lynchburg was the only locality in the 22nd Senate District to deliver over 50% of its votes to Democrat Ryant Washington. Looking at circumstances in Washington, D.C. it is clear that we need consistent, focused, grass roots action to protect our core values: economic opportunity, educational excellence, social justice, environmental protection, and cultural diversity.

Dues-paying voting members of the LDC decide on endorsements of candidates, election of LDC officers, and delegates to Congressional District and State Conventions. This month, we are organizing House of Delegates nominating committees to field candidates in November. In May, the LDC will participate in reorganization of the 6th Congressional District Democratic Committee. We are currently facilitating meet and greets for the candidates who will appear on the June 13 Democratic Primary ballot. Our goal for November is to repeat our Democratic sweep of the statewide seats for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. While we cannot change the outcome from November 2016, our only hope to stop Donald Trump is to place Democrats in every available local, state, and federal office.

Membership dues in the Lynchburg Democratic Committee are just $10 per calendar year. Your dues and any additional contribution will help us support: public monthly meetings, forums, and guest speakers; dues to DPVA; access to our voter database; voter registration; maintaining our office for voter and campaign outreach; candidate recruitment; collecting signatures on candidate petitions; transportation to the polls; voter information; yard signs, bumper stickers, and campaign literature; sample ballots; our website and social media presence; collaboration with other organizations; and providing candidates with financial support, publicity, door-to-door and phone canvassing. The LDC office is frequently used by campaign staff and is critically important for direct contact with voters and volunteers, distribution of campaign material, and a visible presence to provide continuity from one election to the next.

Please click on the “Contribute Online” or “Contribute by Mail” tabs above to make your 2017 contribution. The first $10 will cover annual dues. Contributions of $100 or less annually are not made public.

There may be hard work ahead of us, but the difficulty of the task has never stopped us before. Together we can face the challenges and win.

With thanks for your continued support,

Katie Webb Cyphert, Chair, Lynchburg Democratic Committee