January 20, 2020

Dear Lynchburg-area Citizens,

Last year was a great year for Democrats in Virginia, as we successfully flipped the House of Delegates and State Senate blue!  Democrats now hold the legislative and executive branches of the state, and if you have been paying attention to the news, you can see our hard work has paid off in terms of getting progressive legislation passed.  While we were unfortunately not able to flip our local delegate and senate seats blue, we nevertheless greatly appreciate Jennifer Woofter, David Zilles, and Dakota Claytor, who ran as Democrats for seats in an area that typically goes Repubican.  It is important to offer voters a choice, and to have Democrats on the ballot. Many thanks to Jennifer Woofter, David Zilles, and Dakota Claytor for their efforts.

Additionally, I would like to thank Katie Webb Cyphert!  The LDC had its reorganization this December, and Katie stepped down as Chair, after six years of service (plus several more on the executive board).  She has been the face and voice of Democrats in Lynchburg and her hard work and skills are unparalleled. Luckily, she assures me she is going nowhere, and will be on hand to continue helping Democratic candidates.  The new board consists of myself, Nichole Sanders (Chair), Morgan Hollister (First Vice-Chair), Erin Rupe (Second Vice-Chair), Jeff Rosner (Treasurer), Jack Underwood (Organizational Secretary), Daniel Tuck (Administrative Secretary), and Mark Wright (Parliamentarian).  Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas!

This year will be a busy year for Democrats.  March 3 is the Presidential Primary. The Lynchburg Democratic Committee does not endorse candidates during primary races, but we are committed to sharing information and events for groups supporting the Democratic candidate of their choice.  In May we have our City Council Ward Elections, and in June, a primary for candidates running to represent the 6th Congressional District. And of course in November we go to the polls to elect a Democrat to the 6th CD, we choose a US Senator, and of course, we  elect a Democrat as President!

Membership dues in the Lynchburg Democratic Committee are just $10 per calendar year.  Your dues and any additional contribution will help us support: public monthly meetings, forums, and guest speakers; dues to the state party; access to our voter database; voter registration; maintaining our office for voter and campaign outreach; candidate recruitment; collecting signatures on candidate petitions; transportation to the polls; voter information; yard signs, bumper stickers, and campaign literature; sample ballots; our website and social media presence; voter protection at voting precincts; collaboration with other organizations; and providing candidates with financial support, publicity, door-to-door and phone canvassing.  The LDC office is frequently used by campaign staff and is critically important for direct contact with voters and volunteers, distribution of campaign material, and a visible presence to provide continuity from one election to the next.

Please consider making your 2020 contribution, of which the first $10 will cover annual dues.  Contributions of $100 or less annually are not made public. We strongly encourage recurring monthly contributions of $5, $8, $10 or $25, which currently account for nearly half our monthly operating expenses!  If you prefer electronic payment, please use ActBlue for one-time or recurring contributions at https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/lynchburgdems

There may be hard work ahead of us, but the difficulty of the task has never stopped us before.  Together we can face the challenges and win.

With thanks for your continued support,

Nichole Sanders, Chair, Lynchburg Democratic Committee


This message is authorized and paid for by the Lynchburg Democratic Committee. Not authorized by any candidate.