The Lynchburg Democratic Committee (LDC) office provides support for candidates, phone and door-to-door voter contact, voter registration, restoration of voting rights, absentee ballots, obtaining photo IDs, rides to the polls, yard signs, bumper stickers, and maintaining part of the state party’s voter data base. Your contribution will help continue this work. Contributions to the LDC totaling $100 or less in a calendar year are not made public. If you select $8 and check “Make this a monthly recurring contribution”, that would be $96 a year. Contributions include $10 calendar year membership dues, unless you tell us that you prefer not to be a member. Contributions are paid to ActBlue, then forwarded to the LDC. If you also choose to donate an optional “tip”, ActBlue, not the LDC, keeps it. Providing your phone number and getting an ActBlue Express account are both optional.

Donate onlineĀ here.