Find the links here to the notes from recent Lynchburg City Council meetings and work sessions, posted by LDC liaison Nick Underwood. 

Not all items will have notes, only items deemed to have significance or serious discussion. Bullet points showcase the major issues of each meeting/work session.

05/23/2023 Work Session

Nick’s notes

  • City Curfew

04/11/2023 Work Session

Michael Bremer’s notes

  • Discussion on how to make the .89 cents budget work

04/11/2023 City Council Meeting

Leann Underwood’s notes

Michael Bremer’s notes

  • 35 People speak out against tax cuts

03/28/2023 City Council Meeting and Work Session with School Board

Niro Rasanayagam’s notes

Leann Underwood’s notes

  • Joint City Council and School Board Meeting

03/14/2023 City Council Work Session

Niro Rasanayagam’s notes

Michael Bremer’s notes

  • CIP Discussion
  • Fire Station with Liberty Partnership

03/14/2023 City Council Meeting

Beverly Adam’s notes

Michael Bremer’s notes

  • Public Comments about Tax Relief
  • 1st Budget Presentation

02/28/2023 City Council Meeting

Michael Bremer’s notes

Beverly Adam’s notes

  • Supporting Schools Capital Fund Budget
  • Termination of Letter of Agreement between City and School Board

02/14/2023 City Council Meeting

  • Tax Relief
  • Dolan was out, some voting postponed

02/14/2023 Work Session

  • Personal Property Taxes
  • Comprehensive Plan

01/24/2023 Work session

  • Appropriation of Funds Discussion from LCS

01/10/2023 Work Session

  • 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City Discussion

01/10/2023 City Council Meeting

  • Public Comment on 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City

12/13/2022 City Council Meeting and Work Session

  • Legislative Package Approval
  • Rezoning for Housing

10/11/2022 City Council Meeting and Work Session

  • School SOL Report and Achievement Report
  • City Financials
  • Dearington Plan Public Hearing

8/23/2022 Work Session

  • Dearington Neighborhood Plan

07/26/2022 City Council Meeting

  • Redistricting Acceptance
  • Housing Discussion

5/24/2022 City Council Meeting

  • Redistricting

5/10/2022 City Council Meeting

  • School Demographic Report

4/12/2022 City Council Meeting and Work Session

  • Budget Approval
  • Redistricting

3/22/2022 City Council/School Board Work Session

  • School Budget
  • Facility Report

3/8/2022 Meeting

  • School Task Force Report
  • Branch Library discussion
  • Redistricting the wards

2/22/2022 Meeting

  • Capital Improvement Plan
    • The plan is outlined in the files on the Google Doc
  • Voted on additional planned budget meetings
  • Passed Operating Fund budget for schools

2/8/2022 Meeting

1/25/2022 Meeting

  • Introduced discussion of Decennial Redistricting
  • Discussed continuation or termination of the Task Force on the Future of Education in the City of Lynchburg: PreK-12 and Beyond.

1/11/2022 Meeting

  • Further discussion on the LCS In-home Broadband Expansion
  • Legislative Agenda discussion

12/14/2021 Meeting

  • New Police HQ 
  • Taxi Fare increase
  • Introduction of 2022 Schools Capital Fund budget of $11,296,804 to fund infrastructure upgrades to City School facilities and City-wide broadband
    • Andrew Glover commented
  • Legislative Agenda discussion

11/09/2021 Meeting

  • Legislative Agenda Discussion

10/26/2021 Meeting

  • Introduce Legislative Agenda discussion

10/12/2021 Meeting

  • City Council Election Discussion
    • This item will be a part of the Legislative Agenda moving forward