City Council Work Session 12-12-23

City Council Work Session

December 12, 2023


III. Work Session Agenda

III.1 Comprehensive Financial Report

[Files are available in meeting documents –]

III.2 Public Safety Retention

Retention bonuses are the top priority for current officers

Strong support from Faraldi. Wants to be sure that officers who use this program (car take-home) live in the city.

Helgeson wants focus on exit interviews, not officers who have stayed.

Supports car take-home program, must be in city.  Still need more vehicles. 

Misjuns thinks car take-home prevents crime, more than as a benefit to officers.  Also concern about retirement health benefit costs. (~$8k/yr) Before 1996, city pays benefit. Wants more benefits to LPD (LFD?) for sick leave and other paid leave. (eg, paid accumulated sick leave)   

Retention/new hire bonus – is pay back provision lump sum? Can city pay out in pieces to improve city budget?  Not attractive to recruits.

Wilder -do we compare to other localities? Bonuses are $20k to west, $7k, south $5k, East &10k bonus. Retirement health insurance is not offered by other forces.

What are main concerns causing vacancies – workload, pick up other responsibilities, less than 1% complaints about command staff!

Helgeson – $3.5m for retiree, $8k per retiree for health insurance. 437 employees (city wide) covered? Yes, and must be retired. Self-insured system so unused $ go into paying claims, excess is retained. Next year’s budget should reflect the lower number of retirees covered.



IV Business Items

IV.3 CDGBG and HOME Program – goals for FY2025 Annual Action Plan

January 9 will be public hearings;  12/22 public comment period begins.

IV.4 CUP West Lynchburg Baptist Childcare

Jan 9, 2024 for action.  Recommend for approval.

IV.5 Relocate polling place  Second Ward, Fourth precinct

From Fairview Christian Church to Bass ES, outside of the precinct but on edge, permissible.

Access barriers (non-ADA compliance)

Jan 9 for action. 

* Neumeyer – resigning as work load is too heavy for his legal practice, new candidate should be good.

* Pence – presented need for change (ADA) Need before March dual primaries. Less than .4 mile change. Level grade, barrier-free, curbside voting is easy. 

Helgeson objects to LCS ‘needing’ a new gym, based on the photos presented. “Nice shiney floor”  He will undoubtedly use this in discussion in 

Farali – second precinct outside of the actual district.  Let’s not have it happen again. Good job on examining the precinct sites.

Dolan – looked at other locations.  None are as viable as Bass ES.  Community Center has a lot of programming on Election Day ()doesn’t Bass ES too?)

Wilder – timing? Atty Gen must still approve after Coucnil.

Reed – Fairview is not good at ll. Supports change.

  1. Roll Call

Wilder $575,000 raise M4K. We accomplish a lot when we work together.

Helgeson – tourism: football LU, basketball LU, Track LU, may flights (taxes) meals hotels (taxes)  “When we gave LU property rights back” resulted in lots of tax generated.

  1. 6 Misjuns Whistleblower Protection Resolution or Ordinance

Will discuss one-on-one with ??

Over weekend, Call for the execution of myself, Helgeson, Congressman Good

We don’t need that here.

Why weren’t we notified about that?

Faraldi – leaf collection ward 4 is miffed about schedule, thanks for changing.

Legislative agenda – impacts on Lynchburg, come to Council for an official stance for major items that impact how we do business. 

“Things have gone too far”  Work history, whether you worked for city, the state, (then mentioning each council member’s work past and spousal history!) should not be used as political capital against each other.

Reed – Congrat to the Bulldogs, Flames.

Recognition of Community Services

CVU event at Stadium, charity for youth. Miriam’s House, LYH Food not Bombs, etc.

Closed Session for appointments to Boards.