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Good News: Our State Redistricting Goal Achieved!

Hello Lynchburg Democrats,

As you may know, we strongly lobbied the Virginia Redistricting Commission to reverse the gerrymander of Lynchburg that took place 10 years ago.

GOOD NEWS!  Our efforts have paid off. Lynchburg has been put into ONE Senate district and ONE House district.  Lynchburg now has more power to hold its legislators accountable.  We are now part of VA Senate District 8 and VA House of Delegates District 52. These changes are effective for the elections in 2023.  In addition, Lynchburg is now part of the 5th Congressional District along with Charlottesville.

As you may know, Lynchburg was divided into two different state senatorial districts (Senate Districts 22 & 23) and into two different HOD districts  (HOD District 22 & 23).  To make things worse, these districts did not overlap much, therefore Lynchburg residents had four confusing possible combinations of Senate or House representation.  This division was extremely confusing for Lynchburg voters, and made it difficult to hold any legislator accountable for policies that affected Lynchburg.

Incidentally, the Lynchburg City Council will start redrawing precinct maps soon, probably by April.

Jack G. Underwood
Organizational Secretary, 4th Ward Chair, 404 Precinct Captain
Lynchburg Democratic Committee